Crushed: Carla Hackett

Crush [kruhsh]: 1. An intense infatuation, 2. The object of such an infatuation

I'm always inspired by Carla Hackett's lettering! Her De-motivational Poster for a past issue of Frankie Magazine is a favorite of mine! To me, it's the perfect combination of beautiful lettering, dark humour, and that cheery shade of turquoise that I just can't resist, and this hangs in a prominent spot in our hallway at home:

Creative Calendar

It's a little thing, but Uppercase Magazine's Creative Calendar always makes me smile when it arrives in my inbox at the beginning of every month. And this month, it's exciting to see two of my little illustrations in it:

Can you spot my reading girls? It's been super rainy here lately, so I'm feeling like autumn is the perfect time to read! And illustrate. Or just generally hunker down on the couch and/or at my desk. Do you feel it, too? You can download this month's printable here for inspiration as a spread or pages, via Uppercase's latest newsletter.

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