Crushed: Oliver Jeffers

I love Oliver Jeffers work.

Tell me that video's not the most magical thing you’ve ever seen?!

I have loved it for a while now. I think it started when I was perusing the bookstore last year. (I always stop in the kids section, you see). Okay, no, I knew about his other books before, but I came across a little book called “This Moose Belongs to Me”, and I fell in love with it. The story, the colors, the collage! Then I went home and re-found “The Heart and The Bottle”—and discovered that it was now otherwise known as the best animated children’s ebook there is (which set me on a quest to find more). A google and a visit to the library, and I then fell in love with his monograph, too, “Neither Here Nor There” & “The Incredible Book Eating Boy”. The man can paint, friends. And though the paintings are realistic and awesome, there’s always a hint of quirky in there. (Okay, sometimes more than a hint).

I just adore how he rolls sketchy, realistic, handwriting and collage all together:

And then I saw his ‘Picture Book Maker’ video, above, and that was it. I was giddy like a little kid! I feel like we’re kindred spirits, you see. Except for the whole painting-realistically thing. When I was 7 years old, writing, drawing and staple-binding multiple stories for fun—that must have been what I imagined being an ‘book maker’ to be like. It’s still a dream, more and more. Stories pop into my head at all times of the day and I doodle them on post it notes. Just have to actually make time to practice, err, illustrating, one of these days. So, thanks for the inspiration, Oliver!