Crushed: Fontacular 2015

Guys. Do you know about Fontacular? Aka, a super awesome time when a bunch of beautiful, awesomely & painstakingly made typefaces go on sale via Monotype? I look forward to it every yearbecause, I am but a recent grad! This year though, I fell in love with something more than the tempting typefaces: the type specimens.

If youre a design student, by the time third year rolls around youve probably made what feels like a billion type specimens, and youre thinking: does anybody actually make these things in real life? What is this all for? Well, friends. Behold, the super-cute specimens that design studio Emrich made for the occasion:

 All content by  Emrich for Fontacular  via  Monotype  

All content by Emrich for Fontacular via Monotype 

Gorgeous, right? In their own words, the design of the series was based on a theme of medieval legends & epic poetryand epic, they are. I dont know if its my inner nerd, their genius use of the theme to showcase each font, the seamless combination of illustration & type, or the storybook-inspired color story, but Im in love. Dont they just make you want to curl up in a chair with an old classic? Or design one? You can see what else husband-and-wife team Emrich is up to on dribbble (where I first found these beauties), if youre all intrigued now.