Part 05: Sozopol, Bulgaria | Europe, 2015

After a quick visit to Nessebar, we continued South to Sozopol, where we stayed in the small, old part of town for a few days. The friends we stayed with in Varna knew a guy here who could tell us where to stay, so we got arrived, found his shop, and asked him what the best (and, hopefully, cheapest) place was: turns out hotels are expensive there! We ended up finding this one-hundred year old wooden house that his friend rents rooms out in, and stayed there: it was definitely authentic feeling. He was an old sailor, didn’t speak a word of English but was entertaining to listen to, and, though it was on the slightly sketchy side of old, I loved feeling like we were seeing the town how it was: plus, it’s so nice outside there, we were just there to say hi and sleep. Here’s a peek at the beachside, here:


We had already done a lot of visiting in the first week we were there, so I was happy to have some quieter time together. We spent a few days eating breakfast looking out at the sea, walking to a few of the beaches: it’s usually super nice and warm to swim here, but the water was unusually choppy and they wouldn’t let anyone swim past their waist. We drank some beer to ward off the hot days, visited some restaurants for tarator—a traditional yogurt, cucumber & dill soup, perfect on a hot day—bought green fig jam from the cute grandmas sitting outside their houses, and, on our last night there, drank some ‘clouds’ (a strange but traditional Bulgarian summer drink made of menthe and mastika, meant to ward off the cloudy weather that was threatening to roll in), and traipsed around a few of the fancy restaurants for a treat of cake and whisky in the not-busy-yet restaurants on the old fortress wall.

Apparently, I took a break from pictures here—lol—because it was so beautiful I thought I had taken a lot, but there’s not that many! Probably because we went to the beach a lot. Actually, the next week was all beach all the time, so I didn’t shoot any photos (which is kind of nice once in a while). After a few days in Sozopol we met up with some of my husband's high school friends at the Sea Horse Hotel: in the summer in Bulgaria there’s a mass exodus to the beaches - lol - and we were surprised, being avid tent campers, to find that ‘camping’ here means you set up for the long haul: we’re talking trailers and permanent stuff built around them - we were definitely one of the only tents! There’s a lot of camping behind the hotel, so we stayed there for three days: we had grabbed a cheap tent and mattress on our way through Burgas from Varna, so we were ready! We had awesome weather, here (we managed to head off a big storm), the swimming was great, and we had all the tarator and clouds you could ask for!

 The Seaside | Resovo, Bulgaria

The Seaside | Resovo, Bulgaria

After a few days there, ending with an awesome outdoor fire pit sing-along/barbeque, we said goodbye and drove down to see the Southern Bulgarian border town of Resovo, which borders Turkey. We didn’t cross, but looking out from the Bulgarian side you could see the most beautiful stretch of pristine white beach! Actually, there were tons of signs warning against taking photos there, so while I really wanted to go to that beautiful beach, or at least shoot a photo of it, I didn’t. You can see it below in the distance, from a bit further away from the border, where, after lunch in town, we stopped on our way to camp for a few days close at Silistar, another awesome campsite/beach (seriously, look at the pictures of it!). It was always very busy here during the day, but we were a bit ahead of the high season, so, though camping on the beach isn’t usually allowed, we asked the nice guy who owned the place and he let us pitch our tent in the far corner on the sand for a few nights and he said it was cool. It was amazing! Waking up to the water right there, lounging in the sun all day, having a fire at night, and still being able to always get cold beer from the beach stand! So perfect. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I did get one shot that kind of summed it all up.