Part 11: Burano, Italy | Europe, 2015

So, really, the main attraction for me, aside from Venice, was the island of Burano! I was trying to find a place to stay on the island, but I’m kind of glad we didn’t: we took a day trip from where we were staying on Murano here, about a forty minute water taxi trip out, and visited it for a couple hours—it was so busy, but the cutest, most colorful place! Queue a million more pictures of buildings: but, cute ones this time!


Don’t you just want to hug and squish it?! Ah! I was in heaven. It’s like looking at an island full of my dream house. lol. And the little laundry lines? Eek! This is just normal life, here! It’s like rainbows should come out and birds should sing when you step outside, too. I have to say, the pink ones were my favorite, but every street was like a gorgeous color palette idea. I had heard this islands specialty was lace, which I’m also pretty nerdy about, but that part of it was a bit disappointing: overall, there were too many touristy souvenir shops for my liking, I would have rather just seen a grandma with a table of lace so I knew it was made there for sure. lol. Anyway, the island is darling, and so small you can see everything—including the town’s little leaning bell tower and some smaller artist’s shops—but the main draw there is definitely the houses. We stopped to have a drink, sat in a park in the grass for a bit, had some ice cream after enjoying the little houses, and then headed back to Murano for the night—visions of colorful houses dancing in our heads.