Good Stuff | 01

I’m going to tell you a nerdy secret about myself: I always have a million tabs open on my computer, and I like to save the ones I love, so almost every day I email myself important awesome stuff in a thread of emails aptly named “LINKS”. The point? Cool stuff I want to bookmark and share. So here you go, friends: the first of a series of once in a while glimpses into the random array of stuff that makes my brain happy and inspired!

  • Ferocious Quarterly! I stumbled upon the 4th issue, “The Deep”, by Ferocious Art & Fiction, and fell in love.
    And the illustrations & website design (with little notes in the corner), too!
  • Have you seen this gorgeous Vintage Type project by Officina Creative? Its a series of web type experiments based on vintage type specimens—as an admirer of all things old-fashioned, I'm in love with the mix that comes off slightly modern, here (and the original inspiration images!)
  • I loved reading how Tinybop’s branding came together.
  • I’m in love with enamel pins! Just saw this cute Don’t Forget one the other day by Chris Pecora.
    Love the super-cute website that goes with it!
  • I’m not vegan, but I eat vegan sometimes. I came across This Rawsome Vegan Life via Frankie in search of that amazing-looking healthy peanut butter cup recipe. Oh. Em. Gee.
  • Have you seen Brooklyn yet? We missed it at the film festival this year, mostly because I knew I would be coming back. I love Saoirse.