On: My Story So Far

Every time I go to post something here it’s been so long I feel like I need to say hello all over again! So this is that post. I apologize if you’re like, I know, already—but it feels weird to start without it. Like when an introduction between shy people is skipped over and then you both awkwardly pretend you were introduced. So, hi! My name is Michelle.

 That's me about a month ago, with the weird half-smile I get when it's taking too long to take the picture, already

That's me about a month ago, with the weird half-smile I get when it's taking too long to take the picture, already

I live in Vancouver. North Vancouver, now. I’ve been working as an after effects artist on some cool kids' cartoons here since 2007. I recently graduated from Emily Carr as a Communication Designer, with an emphasis on branding, publication design, and typography. Then I took some time off to go see (a tiny bit of) the world!

I work hard (maybe too hard), but I think I play hard, too. The mister and I are camp-a-holics. Really, I get antsy if it’s hot out and I'm not in a tent, or en route to setting one up. It just doesn’t feel like summer without it. I really enjoy being unplugged and putting my toes in the grass. There’s nothing like an empty beach and a new book. I’m really into tattoos and kid’s picture books. I listen to a lot of Dan Savage, still watch MTV, and shop for jeans in stores a 30-year old probably shouldn’t. I find psychology, the formation of personality, and any kind of myth so intriguing. I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t want one. I love old things, not just for the stories they come with, but for the inevitable story that comes from acquiring them. I try to collect a small used souvenir from every place I visit. I’d rather live under my means, but be able to travel. I feel weird without a jean vest on, and am really into The Animals and The Boxtops. I secretly wish bands would still rock a colored suit ensemble. I refuse to pay over $5 for a record. I have a thing for lavender right now. I miss riding on the back of a motorcycle. I listen to a lot of Weezer and Nirvana, still. I would camp all year in Hawaii if I could. I grew up going to mud-bogs and had a crush on my mom's old camaro, which might be why we got an old car. You’ll see her here a lot, she’s so cute. Out of habit I still plan everything with a don’t-have-a-car mindset. I like to garden, make cold brew, and am trying to shoot only film and practice my lettering this summer.  

You might be like, what does all this have to do with design?, I know.

But I think that what I seek out, find, and experience all contribute to the designer I hope to be. So, alongside my work and process, I’ll be sharing a mix of my adventures, advice, opinions, and the good stuff that inspires me. Things I wish I knew were out there when I was an aspiring design student four years ago. Plus, I really love telling stories and writing, and I would like to explain why things like sleeping in a hammock or leaving your phone at home for a day don’t have to be scary.

This is my story so far, post by post.