Something Old: "Good Wives"

I have an affinity for old things. And for searching for them. This includes a love of old books, of course—and, more importantly as a designer, their covers. I came across this little gem, Good Wives, a few years ago, intrigued by the title (and curious about the message, Ms. Alcott. It turns out this is the sequel to an old favorite, Little Women). Swoon.

  "Good Wives"  by Louise May Alcott, 1974 edition

"Good Wives" by Louise May Alcott, 1974 edition

It got a little grungy in the last 30-some years, but isn’t it adorable? I love everything about the front cover—in fact, it’s sitting on my desk between some treasured little comics, because the spine has a cute little illustrated rose and a tall sans serif. The back cover is a little disconnected design-wise, but the ornamental hand-rendered title lettering, with its slight ‘wild west’ flair, has just enough curves to make it feel a little garden-party, too. I love the of-the-era illustration style and the funny quirks like the super-squished ‘Louisa’, which is normally a type no-no but is endearing, here.

I hope you find something about this something old inspiring, like I have!