Introduction | Europe, 2015

After I graduated in May, we took off for six weeks and went to Europe this summer!
Here’s a look at our route (on a google map here, too) & some peeks of what we saw: 


I’m still pinching myself! (oh, and do you like our matching bandanas?) Having been buried in homework and working full-time during school, and working overlapping contracts in the summers, it made taking any length of time off together hard for the last few years. So, in celebration of surviving my undergrad (and because my husband is from Bulgaria and misses it there!), we packed up our backpacks and off we went!

I’m not going to say we travel a lot, because I don’t feel like we do (thought we do go on a lot of little adventures close to home), but this is our second big trip to Europe. We do try to spend as much time sleeping under the stars as we can in the summer, and I kind of have an addiction to camping in Hawaii (that's another story). Anyway, I’ve learned a lot planning and travelling on these trips that I want to share, plus our families never quite get the whole story of what we did because I've been pretty bad at recording our trips in general.

Thing is, I used to take too many pictures and then get overwhelmed going through them after a trip. I always feel like I need to edit them all, and that part is so boring for me! So my tactic for the last few years has been to take a few photos to update our families as we go for Instagram (as above), and then (mostly) shoot film, instead: I love the look of it, I take more thoughtful shots, I don’t edit my developed images and I can just upload them! But I want to write down what I remember here, too—mostly to round out my simple 'it was good!’ answer to friends & family asking how the trip It was more than good, but how do you explain it in words?! So here it goes: the six weeks we wandered around with our packs.

So, this trip: On June 1, we took off! Our major stops included: Sofia (Bulgaria), Krakow (Poland)—via Barcelona (Spain)—Vienna (Austria), Venice and Murano (Italy), and then Durbuy and Kortrijk (Belgium). We spent the most time in Eastern Europe, because Bulgaria was a definite stop, and planned the rest of the trip around visiting friends—we ended up staying with a lot of very generous people (thank you!), with a few hostels and a tent thrown in the mix. We carried nothing but our backpacks and a camera bag, did a lot of laundry along the way, and arrived home on July 11.

Im going to post about our visit by country, the shots I took along the way, with some tips, & tricks and places to visit. Along the way, if you have any questions, please ask away!