Crushed: Bad Jubies

I finally watched the stop-motion Adventure Time episode, Bad Jubies - and you should, too:

 Title Card from   Bad Jubies  , Directed by  Kirsten Lepore

Title Card from Bad Jubies, Directed by Kirsten Lepore

I mean, you've probably seen it already. Kirsten Lepore's episode about, literally, beating bad jubies with the good vibes of life has my heart. Stop-motion is so magical! The little wrinkles in Finn's shirt, those mini chip bags, the sunset lighting on Jake, little subtleties in the storm's little squishy face! Ah, man. It did not disappoint. Prepare to be inspired! Check out Kirsten's reel, too, while you're there.

And speaking of stop motion, Laika's new Kubo and The Two Strings is out and I'm dying to see it! Magic and stop-motion? Yes, please. It's so important to me to support stop-motion at the box office, because I want to continue to see it in the world!