Crushed: The Sad Ghost Club

I have a thing for cute comics (and ghosts) as you'll eventually see.
So the cute illustrated comics of The Sad Ghost Club by Lize & Laura had me at hello:

I found The Sad Ghost Club last year when I was researching all things introverted for my grad project and fell in love! Their "Guide to Not Being Sad" and "Guide to Making Friends" comics are not only super-cute, but their mandate to address mental health, depression, and just plain ol feeling sad in such an accessible and adorable way is amazing! I don't know about you, but as an introvert a bunch of their comics describe how I feel sometimes to a tee. And if I'm feeling sad, surely a little ghost hugging bunnies or a pile of cute puppies struggling through the same feelings is going to make me feel better, no? I especially love their emphasis on the importance of being yourself and exploring outside for well-being, too. Oh, and unfinished things. They have zines, shirts I'm dying for, and cute pins & patches (some of which were funded through a successful Indiegogo campaign to grow their studio last year). I wear my sad ghost pin to work on my cardigan these days - #grownuplife. Read the comics! Send them to a sad friend! If you follow them you'll have a crush on them soon, too, I know it. And I just found out they're making a coloring book, too!

PS - I hope they print a ghostie back patch one day soon! I have a naked jean jacket just waiting for the perfect one...