Crushed: Tuesday Bassen

Today, I'm sharing the work of one of my favorite illustrators of bad-ass ladies with you:

Tuesday Bassen! I came across her illustrated zine Ugly Girl Gang a long while ago on Etsy and have been following her work ever since. (Okay, I just realized I only have the first issue, but it's probably because I've been distracted by the satin jackets a la The Pink Ladies she sells now). And I know you might be like, Ugly Girl Gang?, but she explains it was a clear choice for the title (alongside Miserable & Worthless - complete with awesome wrapping paper - another zine she co-made) in this interview because she "wanted to focus on girls that I felt were doing something badass and capable, and girls that were doing something I admired." Awesome, right? The tagline for Miserable & Worthless, named for that disconnect between the awesome drawing in your head and the inability at a certain stage of drawing to get it out on paper that way, was "we're just weird ugly girls who like weird ugly things". I won't get all feminist, but that's some empowering stuff: being 'ugly', aka unconventional, is always awesome in my book.

Not only does she illustrate cool stuff, start inspiring side projects, and make awesome things to wear, but she makes pottery and has a shop full of pins & patches I'm dreaming about, too. You can also watch her inking process here on instagram.

I'm dying for this patch. And so badly want a back patch of the ugly girl gang ladies. So badly.
Hope you're as inspired by her work as I am! You rock, Tuesday.