Girl, Reading.

I'm trying to get better at posting my own work, here, too! I have been aching to illustrate lately, but time is short and nights are full so I'll start with this one. I did this about a year ago, an illustration of a gal reading with her black cat:


In 2007 (wow, that sounds so long ago!) I went to classical animation boot camp - err, school - and for a year I drew so much! All those drawings disappeared into a box and/or a film, which is now outdated but really funny (let's just say my film was about a grumpy cow with fresh ice cream) - and probably lurking somewhere on the internets still. I've been aching for that feeling of growing at something so much in such a short time: really, it's amazing what a year of drawing all day every day will do to your skill level! Right now I doodle and things don't look like I imagine they will, which means I need to get back to it. I'm hoping I can pick up the pencil again soon...this gal was drawn the good old fashioned way with pen on paper and colored/textured a little digitally.