SF 01 | Dogpatch & Bayview

I arrived in San Francisco mid-January, so let's just jump into what I've been doing here, already:


I've been dreaming about an internship here since my undergrad started, and by some luck I'm here! So this multi-part story of my stay here is all pretty rosy-glasses, except for maybe the paperwork-filled border-crossing part. We had a few weeks to get our ducks in a row to come here, and my husband moved here with me because #yolo (and six months is way too long to be apart).

The way here was a little stressful: let’s just say, as much as I wanted to before we left, I wasn’t shouting “We’re moving to San Francisco!” from the rooftops because, well, it was up to the discretion of the border guard. lol. There really was no guarantee that I could, in fact, move here and work until the day we left. We finally put the word out so we could have surprise 'bye-for-now' drinks with our friends about a week before. So after a few weeks of planning, my husband and I go check into our flight at 4 am, getting there hours early because we know the joys of the special immigration room. After at least an hour of waiting and a few guys who had only a slight idea of what I was applying for and why, success! They let us on through. Whew.

I had lined up a place to stay for the first two weeks here via craigslist in a room in a cool converted warehouse with two great roommates. We came two weeks before my start date to find a longer-term place to stay, but it was rainy and we were both stuck to our computers doing boring stuff like setting up a cell phone, e-mailing apartments, getting a SSN, etc. so we didn't explore much. We were in Bayview, pretty close to Dogpatch, so we explored both as much as we could: had the best authentic Mexican (at tiny Las Isletas) and fried chicken (the best we found was in the Super Save, we still walk over there to get it) and walked along the waterfront there everywhere we could: we loved the mix of artsy and industrial down there! And when it comes to food I highly suggest All Good Pizza, Huli Huli Hawaiian Grill, and Flora Grubb Gardens (which I want to go back to just to take more pictures of, it's so full of cool stuff, see below). Be warned that Bayview can get a little sketchy at night, though.


So, that was January: kind of a blur of paperwork, logistics and few pictures.

At the end of the month we moved to SOMA because, by some luck, I found the most perfect short-term sublet a few blocks from work, also via craigslist: a super-nice gal was leaving the country for a few months and needed her one bedroom and two cats taken care of while she was gone. Yay, cats! We fell in love with them (and miss them dearly). It was on a quiet street flanked by Cockscomb and Fringale, the likes of which we can't afford, but that made it smell like wood-burning ovens and smoked pork all the time (yum!), and my walk to work took all of 5 minutes. Never in my life has a commute been so short!

It was a great little space to settle while we finally got out and explored, photos of which are up next!