SF 03 | Fisherman's Wharf & Buena Vista Park

This is a series on my time in San Francisco! You can read Part One and Part Two, here.

So, we're about a month into living in San Francisco, at this point. It's the middle of February, and we already have tans. Mostly from this long day hike. Needless to say, we think it's pretty awesome here. We've already lived in two neighborhoods, and have just settled into SOMA, where we'll be for the next two months. We have been enjoying our temporary cats (love them!), live close to nightly walks on the Embarcadero, and have explored a bit - and we're ready to see more! Away, we go:

The day after our big walk to Ocean Beach & Land's End, we went to Fisherman's Wharf.
(Insert a groan, here, if you're a local).


Okay, and by "going to Fisherman's Wharf", I mean we were super put-off by the huge crowds, paid too much for the worst fish and chips (maybe because we're a little picky, coming from Vancouver?), and retreated to these nice quieter docks and signs away from the hubbub. And, we discovered the Ghirardelli factory close by gives you a free chocolate on the way in, which became a ritual every time we were near.

I fell in love with North Beach on the walk there, too, which we returned to a lot after. Here's a glimpse:


The next weekend, continuing the assault on our feet, we went on a trek to Haight-Ashbury, a cool looking neighborhood we had passed by on the bus en route to Golden Gate Park that I had planned to go back and see, at some point. We planned to stop by the famous Painted Ladies (aka, the Full House houses) & Alamo Square on the way - because, while we rarely do touristy things, there are some icons you just have to see:


We hung in the park and admired the character of the streets (one of my favorite areas in the city, now!) and then wandered around trying to find the main drag of Haight-Ashbury (did I mention we don't have cell phones? So our main navigation is landmarks and scrawled post-it notes). We ended up stumbling across Buena Vista Park, instead - which, it turns out (if you climb to the top) gives way to a pretty awesome view of the city:


Until next weekend, San Francisco!