SF 04 | Crissy Field, The Golden Gate & Baker's Beach

This is a series on my time in San Francisco! You can read Part OnePart Two, and Part Three here.

The last weekend of February, the weather was still so gorgeous - it felt almost like summers feel here at home, only way colder at night! - so we headed out for more walking around. This time, to complete our full tour of the walking paths on the North coast of the city (we joked about this, but really), we walked up the path past Fisherman's Wharf to Crissy Field and beyond. Crissy Field is a nice place to put your toes in the sand, and every time we went it always felt big, open, and not very crowded for a place with such a great view of the bridge:


From there, you can walk past the marshes and fields, around and past the warming hut, and up the hill to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is probably the most-photographed spot in the city:it's always busy! If I didn't already have enough photos of the bridge, I definitely did after this walk - but I'll save you from them all:


From there, we passed the bridge to Battery Godfrey, which I just googled to see what it was called and had no idea it dated back to 1895! We loved it around here because there are all these old cement battery forts that look like bunkers, which makes for a really weird contrast, awesome views, skateboarder sightings, and also some day-dreaming about living in old cement bunkers. lol. We went down following random dirt paths and ended up at the very secluded Marshall's Beach, where we had a little picnic and pinched ourselves for the good find:


Looking out from here, we fell in love with the lighthouse across the bay that had huge waves crashing up against it's cliffs - I wanted to go over there and check it out, so badly! From there, we continued on to Baker's Beach, which is gorgeous! Kind of what I pictured a beach to be, here. It had this really cool steep sand ladder to get down to it, and we hung out on the sand and gave our feet a rest, here, until it got too cold for the night: