SF 05 | Treasure Island

This is a series on my time in San Francisco! You can read Part OnePart TwoPart Three , and Part Four here.

The day after this adventure, it was finally time for the Treasure Island Flea! I became kind of obsessed with Treasure Island for a little bit while I was looking for places to live: because, well, it's called Treasure Island. It was built (yes, built) in the 1930's for an Expo, became a naval station, but I heard it was now abandoned/low-income housing. It seems to be gentrifying, though, with wineries and things moving in: still think would have been fun to live on. It's off the Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, so views back to the city are really nice!


So, I was counting down to the monthly flea market they have there to see it for myself. I don't have any photos of the market itself (because if you buy tickets online you get a discount on drinks, which we had for breakfast), but there was some cool stuff. Some had so much stuff to dig through! We wandered around, had lunch at the food trucks, and then went off the beaten path to look at some of the old abandoned buildings:


It had such a weird vibe! It felt a bit post-apocalyptic, even. There was nobody around, save for a few baseball diamonds behind the market, even though some buildings were still in use, and this weird mix of palm trees and dilapidated buildings was a bit unsettling! We had a lot of fun imagining what weird living situations things could be, though: a lot of old industrial buildings would be great for artists studios! Still would have lived here, though.