SF 06 | Sausalito & The Golden Gate (again)

This is a series on my time in San Francisco!
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It's now March in San Francisco, for us! Work is super-fun, we're loving our little sublet and hanging out with the cats, and the weather is awesome here. There's kind of a lull in sightseeing here, and my husband took a few weeks to fly back home to get his motorcycle and ride it back down the coast all the way from Vancouver (I'm jealous of all the gorgeous things he saw along the way)! Plus, I think we walked our feet out, so a little break from sightseeing was needed.

Not for long, though! At the end of the month, once all back and settled, we decided to go see Sausalito, which I'd heard good things about - that, and I also read that it's modelled after Portofino, Italy, so I'm there! We walked down to the ferry building one morning, hopped a nice ferry ride over, and enjoyed the views:


See how the houses are all built on the slope in an Italian-esque way? It's super-cute! But we tried to do a little walk downtown, and it was crazy! We travel a lot, but we're actually pretty anti tourist-spots, which is hard to avoid in some spots, apparently, like Sausalito. So we did a quick spin through, enjoyed the city views, and took one look at the ferry line-up going back and decided to walk it. lol.

We had already been warned that everyone rides bikes over the Golden Gate and the ferries back can be hour-long waits: it was a nice day, so why not? plus, there'a nice path that leads through town, past a store where you can get ice cream and little beaches, before giving way to the bridge. Here's some of what we saw on the walk:


After leaving Sausalito, right before the bridge, we stopped at the lawns of Fort Baker, where we had a little picnic looking across at the city.  The walking path to the bridge from there was nice and wound up from underneath it: I think at this point, officially, we had seen it from every angle. Literally. lol. 


Walking across the bridge gave way to some gorgeous views, but so much foot traffic! It was a little crazy up there, but still a nice walk. Maybe because we were going the unpopular direction? We continued on back through Crissy Field, which felt nice and quiet after all the tourists, and all the way back to SOMA, by nightfall. We couldn't feel our feet and were super exhausted: it ended up being over 10 miles, total - whew!