SF 07 | Always on The Move & Disneyland

This is a series on my time in San Francisco!
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At the end of March, we had a friend visit and she took us sightseeing further out in beautiful Marin County, where we spent a twisty drive and a nice afternoon down at Stinson Beach. I didn't take any pictures of it, but we stopped to take in some of the gorgeous coastline a bit South of it along the way, which is stunning. I need to go back and camp at Steep Ravine, spotted en route to the beach, sometime in my life - because as much as I tried, it was always booked up. It's on my bucket list! We had a nice hang out with her and saw some nice sights:


In early April, our nice long sublet was up, though, so life was suddenly consumed with finding our next place to live. My husband came with me for the six months, and he really wanted to live on a boat, so I wanted to make that happen. We had booked a short-term sailboat, but it cancelled on us two weeks before we were set to arrive, so it was a bit of a scramble. We found an awesome floating house boat for May & June (more on that, soon), but I had to find a place in between, which is actually really hard to find for a couple in this city!

Mid-April we moved via public transit back to the Dogpatch, close to where we first stayed, for a few weeks into another converted warehouse that was a brewery/multiple roommate situation, and it was, no lie, tough to have multiple twenty-something roommates and spotty internet after having our own space for so long. But everyone was cool & super-nice, I got to walk to work along the waterfront every morning, and the awesome Triple Voodoo Brewery was across the street, so it was hard not hang out and sample beer every night.

Knowing our next place was out of the city, we went everywhere we could in our time left there: the Museum of Craft & Design, the newly re-opened MOMA, we went back to The Mission for good Mexican food, walked up to Coit Tower, and explored North Beach, where we finally saw Lombard Street from afar and found the best little cafe, Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe. Walked around in search of small galleries, like Spoke Art, and book stores (we loved The Booksmith and Kayo Books), saw Lisa Congdon give a talk at CCA, the local art college, finally went to a Renegade Craft Fair, saw an Aardman animation retrospective at the San Francisco Film Fest, and then - whew - moved to Sausalito! Which was actually a bit of a gong show on public transit.

Oh yeah, and I had booked a trip to Disneyland for the beginning of May, before we knew about all this moving-around-a-lot business - we had to go while we're close to it, was my thinking, which some of my coworkers giggled at because, as I realized, it's actually not very close to San Francisco. It ended up being the weekend after we moved. We flew there out of Oakland on a Friday night (cheaper to fly from there!), and my husband's best friend met us at the airport and we spent the next two days going on all the rides, meeting Chewbacca, and having a blast! As much as a blast as you can, waiting in lines for rides. After a whirlwind weekend, we took the train in to LA and met up with some friends of my husband's on the way out to the airport on Sunday night for a drink, nearly missed our flight, and had a long ride home - but it was so fun. Of course, I forgot my camera.