SF 08 | Living in Sausalito

This is a series on my time in San Francisco!
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So, April was crazy. But so much fun! I want to say that things let up a bit after that, but my new (though very beautiful) commute took up a lot of time: about three hours both ways, back and forth from our new temporary floating boat house, which was docked at Waldo Point Harbour on the outskirts of Sausalito. It was gorgeous the whole way, and I got used to really long walks! lol. There was also a ferry involved.


After a few weeks, we found a rhythm there: also, I fell in love with Philz Coffee (I'm still mourning the loss of my favorite, Iced Ginger Snap) which became a Friday morning walk tradition. The view above is where we'd go and sip our drinks, waiting for the ferry to pull in right behind that building. Gorgeous, right?

We spent a lot of time walking around the docks and parks here, visiting artist studios, enjoying awesome local blackberries and fresh seafood at Fish (which we found way too late in the game), and collecting free books. We found an awesome bench overlooking the water (sometimes, at high tide, it was suspended over the water) to enjoy a beer and sandwich from the Davey Jones Deli while waiting for our laundry, which was always an adventure because we had to use the dock grocery carts to push the laundry bags over to the laundromat, which ended up becoming our favorite day of the week. We have so many memories here: 


The docks down in Sausalito are really cute, sort of an artistic amalgamation of old hippie boats that were built with found objects in the sixties (our favorite), and new fancy mansions that happen to float, with most boats now falling in between those two. It has a really interesting history! The boat we stayed on was an old wooden WWII landing craft that had been converted into, basically, a studio apartment. It had a dock attached to the back with a garden, so you could sit out in the sun, launch a kayak, and enjoy views of the famous old S.S Vallejo, which was docked right across a little inlet from us.

I rarely had my camera with me on the walk every morning, sadly (it always looked so nice with the sun going down on the way home, too!), so these shots were taken over our last two months here, taken while touring around when my mom and Aunt came for a visit, and my parents-in-law stayed with us for a weekend visit, too.