SF 09 | South of Pacifica

This is a series on my time in San Francisco!
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So, we were taking it easy, hanging around Sausalito and enjoying the boat! Living on the water is so nice. It felt like we were vacationing every day after work! I had all these grand plans to keep sightseeing: go kayak camping on Angel Island and do an overnight hike through Marin over to Stinson Beach, but I was planning so late I could never find a place to camp (always booked up! And I thought it was busy camping out here). None of that worked out. Instead, we did a few more day trips: a few weeks in my friend Michelle and her husband took us around some beautiful spots starting from her home in Pacifica, and driving a bit further South:


I just can't get enough of the coast, here! It's always so gorgeous. On this trip, in between beaches, we stopped in the cutest little town, Pescadero, for some thrift shopping and to-die-for artichoke bread, and to admire the Flowery (below), little old houses, and barns. It's so cute! I would definitely want to live there.  


We stopped at the beautiful Harley Farms Goat Dairy to sample cheese (we fell in love with the lavender one) and to admire the cute outdoor decor and gardens, goats (of course), and all those wildflowers: 


We stopped for some lunch at a brewery, and this side-of-the-highway view near Gazos beach was too nice to pass up! Love that old sign and the wind-blown trees. We just don't have this desert-like coast, here: