SF 12 | Sonoma & Point Bonita Lighthouse

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Now we're nearing the end of our trip! But there were still lots of good, full weekends left. Most of May just flew by: after my mom visited for the weekend, a friend from work came to see the house boat with her kids and we hung out for the afternoon, and the weekend after that my in-laws came for an impromptu visit from the East Coast! They used to sail a lot and we thought they'd love the boat and the docks in Sausalito.

While they were here, we drove down to Sonoma in their rental car so I could see wine country! I loved the old town square, complete with a ranch (below) and a super-old hotel - and, of course, the Cheese Factory.


We headed past town to go to a few wineries for tastings, first having a flavored champagne trio (eek!) and ending up at the small, super-cute, family-owned La Rochelle winery, our favorite. Mostly because it was off the beaten path a bit, and felt like a relaxing backyard - plus, we'd trekked to the port town of La Rochelle, France before and loved it (it's pretty much a little old French pirate town), so the name is what drew us in!


We only had a weekend with them, so the day after Sonoma we went to one of the beautiful vista points I had been looking forward to: Point Bonita Lighthouse. This is the lighthouse that looked super picturesque from across the Bay at the Sutro Baths and Baker's Beach. We went pretty early and waited on this nice bench looking toward San Francisco until it opened, and got to walk around it before it got super-busy.


There was a little beach just around the corner and down the hill - which, note to self, had some nice hiking paths so you could walk over from the Lighthouse - so we went over there for a bit before going home to enjoy the almond champagne I had to take home with me from our Sonoma visit, the day before. Such a good visit!