Shot: A Typical Ghost

Did I mention I like ghosts here, yet? hah.


As you may have read in my short history lesson about spirit photography, I find the possibility really intriguing (and I think there's definitely more than just us here).

On a lighter note: I always loved the way ghosts were depicted in cartoons as a kid (also, I remember freaking out in the theatre when Casper was actually Devon Sawa), so when the 'ghost' part of this analog photography assignment came around (see parts one and two), I researched a bunch of typical ghost photography. Some of those are really scary. And then, in contrast, and for a cheesy tabloid, I thought it would be funny if you caught a ghost on camera and it actually looked like the cartoon ghost in a sheet. So my husband and I goofed around on our darkened street one night and I got a few funny blurry shots of ghosts, like the one above that turned out best. It makes me laugh! At the end of the semester someone left some huge free photo paper and I ended up blowing two of these up as one last hurrah in the darkroom: they now sit decorating our hallway at home.